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Palm Beach Aquatics A full service lake management company specializing in lake fountains and lake erosion repair and restoration. Florida's leader in environmentally friendly Green Technology for Lake Management. Palm Beach Aquatics offers Lake Fountains and Aerator maintenance services for lake fountains and aerator in South Florida from Orlando to Boca Raton and West to Tampa.

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Palm Beach Aquatics

Blistering Summer Months

As the shorter milder days days of spring have turned into the long hot days of summer, your lakes and waterways are undergoing some changes as well...

Sunlight: The amount of sunlight your lake receives will increase and sometimes cause water temperatures to soar above 90 degrees. This is the most stressful time period for your waterways and when algae blooms are most likely to occur. Additionally, your lake will stratify and the upper level will get warmer than the bottom layer. When afternoon heavy rainstorms drop massive amounts of cool water, they can sometimes cool the upper layer enough to cause a summer lake turnover event and possibly result in a fish kill.

Thunderstorms: An increase in heavy thunderstorms will occur. These heavy downpours will add stress to your waterways in the form of storm water runoff. As lawns, landscapes, plants and trees need constant summer maintenance the clippings and trimmings will be washed into your lakes if not disposed of properly. Clippings and trimming are loaded with nitrogen and phosphorus and are an excellent food source for algae. Additionally, the amount of sediments that are washed into your lakes increases the rate of eutrophication - the natural aging process of a lake, marked by an increase in algae and aquatic plants, depletion of oxygen necessary for fish to thrive and general deterioration of water quality.

Combating the Summer Stress on your Lakes
Planting native littoral plants around the edge of your lake will act as a buffer for storm water runoff. This plant buffer will absorb and hold nutrients before they can reach open water and cause algae blooms.
Aerating your lake will help prevent stratification and fish kills as well as stagnant odors, poor water clarity and keep your lake cooler.
Adding beneficial bacteria will help the storm water runoff break down properly instead of turning to muck at the bottom of your lake.

We are installing and repairing fountains and aeration systems. CALL FOR A FREE ESTIMATE



Lake Management Services

Lake and pond fountain maintenance and repair
Erosion Control shorline restoration
Mosquito Control
Aquatic Lake and Pond Weed Removal
Water Bacteria Testing
Mitigation Planting
keep your wetland, upland preserves and littoral zones healthy and lush and keep them in compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations.
Lake Manaement Services
Fish stocking for Lakes and ponds

Palm Beach Aquatics - Lake Management

A full service environmental management company specializing in lake and wetland restoration.

Palm Beach Aquatics Lakes and Wetlands is proud to offer lake, fountain, and aerator service throughout South Florida. Our trained Aquatic Biologists have over 50 years of experience in both public and private sectors, in big and small lakes, and in advanced freshwater fish management.

In addition to lake and fish management, Palm Beach Aquatics Lakes and Wetlands carries a full line of Aqua Control fountains and aerators to keep your lake in regulated circulation.



Palm Beach Lakes and Wetlands is now offering a completely green approach to mosquito, midge fly, and black fly control.

Palm Beach Aquatics Lakes and Wetlands is committed to working to improve the environmental well being of Florida's communities. We fulfill this mission by:

  • Restoring Florida's wetlands in order to promote natural methods for the reduction of chemicals and nutrients in Florida's ground and service waters.
  • Introducing native plants, trees, and grasses to their appropriate communities in order to provide animal habitat and prevent weathering.

Palm Beach Aquatics Lake Fountains and Aerator services for fountain and aerator maintenance in Boca Raton. Ask about out Lake Management services now in Boca Raton. Call Today (888) 391-5253



If you’re seeking a career in nature, enjoy the outdoors and being on the water and tired of working for a big corporate office, then this is the opportunity for you.
Enjoy exploring Florida’s beautiful outdoor aquatic environment.

Palm Beach Aquatics is seeking Lake & Wetland Management Technicians or individuals who are, hardworking, self-motivated, reliable, and eager to learn. US veterans are encouraged to apply. $18 - $20 hr - Benefits are available.
Daily work tasks include:
Aquatic Technicians work in the field Monday through Friday, managing lakes, wetlands, and natural areas by performing aquatic treatments to manage nuisance exotic plant species and algae using a variety of tools and vehicles such as, backpacks, spray rigs, boat, UTV/ATV and 4-wheel drive pickups trucks. Projects will involve technical fieldwork in hot and humid conditions. A typical workday consists of 8 hours in‐the‐field performing plant management techniques and occasionally may include longer hours. Holiday pay PTO, and other benefit options are available.

Basic Qualifications: Ability to traverse wet and or rugged terrain in diverse, sometimes-inclement weather conditions while carrying up to 50 lbs.
Ability to swim. Experience operating basic hand tools and smaller equipment such as backpack sprayers, augers, chainsaws, and/or brush cutters.
Ability to work in a collaborative team environment. Adaptable to schedule changes upon short notice, is a plus. Safety is at the forefront of all operations. ​

Technicians will be given the opportunity to obtain Commercial Pesticide Applicator's Certifications in Categories of Aquatics and Natural Areas. Valid driver's license with the ability to drive a company vehicle, along with an acceptable motor vehicle record. Must be authorized to work in U.S. without company sponsorship.

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