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Palm Beach Aquatics Lake Management
Lakes & Wetlands

Palm Beach Aquatics specializes in lake fountains and Aerators. Florida's leader in environmentally friendly Green Technology for Lake Management. Palm Beach Aquatics offers Lake Fountains and Aerator maintenance services for fountain and aerator in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens as well as most of Central and South Florida

Palm Beach Aquatics Lakes and Wetlands is Florida's distributor of Aqua Control Fountains & Aerators.
Aerating & Decorative Fountains for Ponds | Airmax The industry's finest equipment made today.


Palm Beach Aquatics - Lake Fountain & Aerator Systems

Lake Fountain Installation Maintenance and Repair

Palm Beach Aquatics - Lake Fountain & Aerator Systems

The addition of a water feature to a waterway in a residential or commercial property not only increases the natural beauty of that waterway but in addition, provides numerous biological benefits.  Fountains and aerators improve aquatic ecosystems by improving water circulation and increasing dissolved oxygen levels in waterways.  The movement and oxygenation of water in an aquatic ecosystem is important because these processes limit the growth of algae and help sustain fish and other aquatic animals.  Subsequently, the increase in fish health and quantity… and the decrease in algae results in less organic residue, improved water clarity, reduced odor, and the attraction of waterfowl. 

As Florida’s #1 distributor of Aqua Control fountains, Palm Beach Aquatics Lakes & Wetlands is able to provide you with the most efficient and durable fountains and display aerators on the market today.  All of our models can be equipped with underwater lighting and other features such as; interchangeable nozzles, adjustable jet patterns, light sequencers, and wind sensors to limit evaporation.

Palm Beach Aquatics Lakes & Wetlands also offers a full line of sub-surface circulators and lake bottom aeration systems designed to improve water flow, clarity, and dissolved oxygen levels from the lake bottom up without generating a visible pattern.


Lake and Pond Aerator Systems

Aeration Reduces Pond Muck - Not only is muck unpleasant to see or feel between your toes, but it can also give your pond a bad odor and provide habitat for leeches. Aeration combats muck and by increasing the dissolved oxygen and circulating the water, encouraging the colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria that can consume, reduce and prevent muck build-up.

Aeration Improves Water Quality - Muck accumulates not only in the bottom of the pond but can also be suspended throughout the water body giving your pond a murky appearance. By reducing muck and excess nutrients, increasing oxygen, and circulating the water, you will improve your water quality and clarity.

Aeration Boosts Dissolved Oxygen - Without oxygen, your pond will go into an anaerobic state. Anaerobic bacteria are not as efficient at breaking down organic material as their aerobic counterparts and produce gas, giving the pond a rotten egg smell. Incorporating aeration into the pond increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, keeping your pond functioning as an aerobic system.

Aeration Eliminates the Thermocline - Aeration circulates and mixes water to eliminate stratified layers of warmer, surface water and the colder, deeper water, to create an oxygen rich environment throughout your pond.

Palm Beach Aquatics - Lake Fountain & Aerator Systems

Lake Management Services
Lake and pond fountain maintenance and repair
Erosion Control shorline restoration
Mosquito Control
Aquatic Lake and Pond Weed Removal
Water Bacteria Testing
Mitigation Planting
keep your wetland, upland preserves and littoral zones healthy and lush and keep them in compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations.
Lake Manaement Services
Fish stocking for Lakes and ponds

Palm Beach Lakes and Wetlands is now offering a completely green approach to mosquito, midge fly, and black fly control.

Palm Beach Aquatics - Lake Fountain & Aerator Systems

Palm Beach Aquatics Lake Fountains and Aerator services for fountain and aerator maintenance in Boca Raton. Ask about out Lake Management services now in Boca Raton. Call Today (888) 391-5253



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