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Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control West Palm Beach Florida offering a completely green approach to mosquito,

Palm Beach Aquatics Lakes management is now offering a completely green approach to mosquito, midge fly, and black fly control. Help reduce the spread of the Zika virus by reducing the population of mosquitos that come from your lake or pond. The new green application is applied to your lakes, ditches, and wetlands, on your property.

The special treatment is eaten by the mosquito larvae and becomes extremely effective in controlling them within minutes after ingestion. Since the bacteria are harmless to predators or any other animal, plant, or fish, these predators continue to feed on the larva and work in tandem with the bacteria to keep the larva population under control.

The EPA has categorized the risk to non-target organisms as non-existent. This means use of the bacteria does not cause collateral damage to high use areas and leaves no chemical residue to contaminate the environment.
Completely safe for all the following areas:

* Flood Water
* Roadside & Irrigation Ditches
* Pastures
* Woodland Pools
* Tidal Water
* Salt Marshes
* Catch Basins

* Storm Water Retention Areas
* Lakes
* Golf Course Ponds
* Irrigation Ponds
* Ornamental & Landscape Ponds
* Water Gardens
* Green Houses
* Nurseries

For complete information on Mosquito Control, call Palm Beach Aquatics Lakes & Wetlands.



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